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PDC Technology Create Cells to Cells Connection

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Max Plasma Containing high energy, delivering specialized responses depending on different kind of gas, plasma possesses number of possibilities along with
medical and aesthetics industry.

Reinforce the treatment with BT-Infusion Hyaluronic mask and special procedure.

There are charged solvents in skin cell membrane, for the physiological movement of matter. The procedure add electrical stimulation activating the movement. The skin barrier function and expression of particular protein named E-cadherin will be reduced (E-cadherin work as a glue in cell-cell contacts). In result, after plasma treatment, the skin absorption of hydrophilic agents will increase.
That is, by using the principle of moving materials with potential of electric current, make it easier for the biochemical ingredients to be absorbed. As a result, not only hydrophilic agents but also beneficial nourishing ingredients supplying to where they needed, helps skin regeneration and rejuvenation.


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Wrinkles & Lines

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Cells to Cells Connection

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Step 1

Cleans - Micellar Solution

Step 2

Enzymatic Exfoliant

Step 3

Max Plasma

Step 4

BT-Infusion Hyaluronic Mask

Step 5

Facial Massage with Hyaluronic Serum

Step 6

Hyaluronic Facial Care

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