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A luxurious formula that fills and smoothes, for timeless beauty. Developed to actively combat wrinkles and signs of ageing. A sublime gold infusion with GOLDEN Collagenine and the “noa. g.e.s peptides” amino peptide complex, which stimulate collagen production and combat wrinkles, sagging skin and loss of skin tone associated with “glycation”, one of the main skin ageing processes caused by excess sugar in the diet. Enriched with golden hyaluronic acid micro-capsules that melt on contact with the skin, infusing it with a precious radiance. 

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 51+3 hyalu complex, GOLDEN Collagenine, pro derma peptides, Cross-linked hyaluronic acid tech, hyaluronic acid microbeads.
GOLDEN Collagenine: Peptides and colloidal gold to stimulate the formation of new collagen. No-a.g.e.s Peptides: protect the collagen from gluycation and from other degradation processes.

Gold Elixer -Redensifying Anti-Age Serum 30 ml

SKU: PF00931
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