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  • Repair and heal damaged tissues

  • Tighten up loose skin

  • Toning and brightening up the skin

  • Reduce puffy eyebags and dark circles

  • Reduce lines and wrinkles


Microdermabrasion is a treatment that uses a carefully abrasive process to treat a vast range of skin imperfactions with immediate visible results. Effectively treats blackheads, comedones, sun-damaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles, superficial scars and steetch marks, uneven granular skin and enlarged or oily pores.

Because microdermabrasion works by effectively removing the top layer of skin, where many skin issues are evidenced, it is mostly used for those who want a treatment for:

  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Reducing the appearance of age spots and hyperpigmentation

  • Removing blackheads and swollen pores

  • Tackling acne and any associated scarring

  • Reducing the appearance of stretch marks

  • Getting rid of uneven skin texture and tone

  • Melasma (patches of discolouration)

  • Dealing with sun damage

After dermabrasion, you’ll discover that your skin is more able to absorb your chosen skincare products. For those who are treating skin conditions such as acne, this can be particularly important as their skincare products are effectively more useful. Microdermabrasion can also reduce the size of the pores by unclogging them and improving circulation. Mild scarring, such as from acne or stretch marks, should be less obvious. Dead skin cells will be removed and your skin will simply feel cleaner than ever. The circulation in your skin will be improved, ensuring that all necessary nutrients and oxygen have a clear pathway to rejuvenate the area.


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Wrinkles & Lines

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