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Grey, dull complexion. Uneven skin tone. Dark spots.

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Most women will be affected by the passing of time, pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, medical treatments, excessive sun exposure, pollution, and irritants. The result may be depressing and unsightly blemishes that will affect self-esteem. The reason for this type of flaw is a lack of communication among the skin cells, which, in turn, alters how skin pigmentation – melanin – is produced, leading to developing dark spots and an uneven skin tone. The skin will then lose its ability to reflect the light, so will appear less radiant and youthful.

The strength of our treatments.

At the heart of our treatments there is the exclusive 51+3 HYALU COMPLEX™ with a multi-active biorevitalizing action.


51+3 Hyalu complex™ (registered trademark RVB SKINLAB) contains:

20 amino acids

16 vitamins

6 trace elements and minerals

3 nucleic acids

4 ceramides

2 cellular osmo-protectors

3 hyaluronic acids

Step 1

CELL DETOX - Micellar Cleansing Milk

Step 2

DEEP EXFOLIATION - Exfoliating Lotion

Step 3

TREATMENT - Aqua lonic H2

Step 4

NEUTRALISATION - Neutralizing Lotion

Step 5

INTENSIVE - Intensive Serum

Step 6

WHITENING - Intensive White Mask

Step 7

CLOSURE - PRO WHITE B-SPHERES, Diamond Lightening Complex

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